Everytime I browse the web, I find many amazing mommy bloggers creating fabulous DIY projects and sharing the tutorials. Blogmints is my attempt to "record" those fabulous projects that I hope to accomplish one day...

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Picture Perfect Light Box

After endless searching for an easy to make light box... that didn't involve welding, hammering & screwing... I came across the best DIY light box this side of the Mississippi.

Gail from My Repurposed Life came up with a great way to make a light box... that is the perfect size & portable.  Oh, and very inexpensive! *confetti drops*

Big Ole' Dice

I just love this fabulous DIY tutorial HOH posted on her blog.  She has by far one of the most addictive blogs I have ever read.  When I saw this project, I knew this one was a must for me... or for my son to make for me.  We shall see...

HOH created extra large, cute dice using a dollar store box & brown paper lunch bags... this is truly a fabulous, frugal find!

Framed Bathroom Mirror

For me, my bathroom is the most relaxing space in my home.  It is the only room the unspoken "do not bother me while I am in here" rule is followed.  I have a large garden tub in my bathroom and on several occasions, I have brought in a pillow and blanket to sneak a moment of peace.

Since my bathroom is like my sanctuary, I do tend to get bothered by small imperfections quite easily... one being the basic, standard mirror above the sinks.  I was so excited to see this post on Impatiently Praying for Patience of a DIY bathroom mirror make-over.

Custom Trash & Recyling Center

Maggie from Generally Creative created a handy dandy trash & recycling center out of some older cabinets. Way to repurpose!

I have been searching for an alternative to the way we sort our own trash & recycling & I think this may be the answer I have been looking for.